Sermon on the Pasch – St. Melitos

The mystery of the Pasch
is new and old,
eternal and temporal,
corruptible and incorruptible,
mortal and immortal.

Old according to the Law,
new according to the Word;
temporal according to the world,
eternal by grace;
corruptible by the immolation of the lamb,
incorruptible by the life of the Lord;
mortal by his burial in the earth,
immortal by His resurrection from the dead.

The Law is old,
but the Word is new.
The figure is temporal,
but grace is eternal.
The lamb is corruptible,
but the Lord is incorruptible,
who had no bone broken as a lamb
but who rose from the dead as God. …

For the figure has passed away,
the reality has been revealed:
in the lamb’s place God has come,
in the sheep’s place, the Man,
in the Man is the Christ
who contains all things.

For the sacrifice of the Lamb
and the celebration of the Pasch
and the letter of the Law
have been fulfilled in Christ.
Through Him was made
everything in the old Law
and, still more, everything in the new Law.

For the Law has become the Word,
the old has become new
— it goes forth from Zion and from Jerusalem —
and the commandment has become grace,
and the figure has become the reality,
and the lamb has become the Son,
and the sheep has become a Man,
and the Man has become God.

Born as Son,
led like a lamb,
sacrificed like a sheep,
buried as a man,
He rises from the dead as God,
being by nature both God and man.

He is all things:
when He judges, He is law,
when He teaches, Word,
when He saves, grace,
when He begets, father,
when He is begotten, son,
when He suffers, lamb,
when He is buried, man,
when He rises, God.

Such is Jesus Christ!
To Him be glory forever! Amen.

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