Biga starter

 I love bread, especially the traditional artisan style bakery bread you find in Italy, France or other European countries. Many of these breads use starters, which adds complexity to the flavor, a better texture and more. This simple recipe for … Read More

Spiced Pancakes

 After a crazy week, I love to relax and make a Saturday breakfast for my family, especially pancakes. I love the smell wafting through the air as I make them, and the maple syrup drizzling down the sides when they … Read More

Fluffy Vegan Pancakes

 The best vegan pancakes are pancakes made of ingredients you typically have in your pantry that are still fluffy and tasty. These pancakes, based of the “Fluffiest Vegan Pancakes” from Tasty Vegetarian are easy to make and don’t require special … Read More

No-Knead Bread

During Lent, we often are limited on time. Often I want to make homemade bread, but I just don’t have time to do the mixing, kneading, raising, etc. This is the perfect answer to this problem: minimal hands-on time, versatile and easy to make, while still giving you an artisan-style loaf of bread.… Read More

Baking, Vegan-Style

 As a baker, I want to make sure every baked good is delicious, has good consistency, and is baked properly.  There are some obvious challenges when baking vegan foods.  I’m sure many of us have experienced them first-hand, myself included. … Read More