Brown Lentils and Rice (Fakes me Ryzi)

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Variations of this dish are enjoyed from Asia to Southern Europe. This recipe meets the most stringent Greek Orthodox guidelines for periods of fasting and the Great Lent, and even with the optional addition of olive oil, meets less stringent guidelines and is served as a starter, salad, side, and main course.

Use brown-green colored lentils for best results, and choose your favorite herb for seasoning. I enjoy the strong flavor of rosemary, but bay leaf and oregano are popular options.

Creamy Lemon Shrimp Risotto

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Arborio rice creates a creamy texture without needing any cheese or cream. While it takes some time to make, it is fairly easy to make. With delicious creamy rice, shrimp, rich white wine and nutrition-packed spinach, this makes a great family meal!