Bean and “Cheese” Pupusas

“These stuffed tortillas are delicious with black beans and cheese [soy-based], but don’t limit yourself; the filling opportunities are endless. The key to a light pupusa is to pinch off the little piece of dough that remains after you pinch the sides together. Serve with Tomatillo Salsa and Salvadoran Slaw for a Central American dinner.”

‘Egg’ salad

Adapted from the book “The Flexitarian Diet” Print ‘Egg’ salad Course: Main Dish Ingredients 1/2 Cup firm tofu crumbled, mixed with 1/8 t tumeric for color 1 Tbsp light canola mayonnaise vegan 2 tsp mustard prepared 1 stalk celery chopped … Read More

‘Chickn’ Cutlets

Any faux chicken cutlet will work! Print ‘Chickn’ Cutlets Course: Main Dish Servings: 6 people Ingredients 12 chick’n scallopini or chick’n filets (3 pkgs) 1 Tbsp fresh sage minced 1 Cup pumpkin seeds toasted, without shells 1 tsp paprika 1 … Read More

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